Water Heater Repair San Antonio

Don’t wait to repair or replace your old water heaters in San Antonio. Call TCR Water Heater before a conked-out water heater floods your premises.

Our repairs, replacements, and installations will meet your requirements and be done at affordable rates. We back our services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Let us guide you about the best ENERGY-STAR rated water heaters that will save you money over their useful lives.

Common water heater issues that require professional attention include –

  1. A leaking tank is often an indication that your water tank’s useful life is over and that you need a new one. Switch off the main feeder valve to the tank. This may be in the basement or beneath the sink in the kitchen. Then, call us.
  2. With gas water heaters, if you’re not getting sufficient hot water, then it may signal a problem with the pilot light. This problem could also result from the water heater just giving up because it’s at the end of its useful life.
  3. Leakages in the pressure relief valve, foul-smelling water, or a small-sized heater are other issues that may demand a repair or replacement.

Over the years, plumbers from TCR Water Heater Repair have been exposed to and resolved all types of contingencies and problems related to water heaters. With us to fall back on, you don’t have to

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experience a cold shower ever. Be it a tankless water heater or a water heating tank, we can easily repair, install, and maintain it. Our 24/7 service is available for all brands of water heaters.

Our plumbers are in sync with the latest technological developments in water heaters. We will flush the water heater as a part of maintenance to pre-empt any problems.

If the repair costs exceed more than half the costs of installing a new water heater, we recommend a replacement. In our experience, this has always worked out better for our clients.

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