Furnace Repair San Antonio

Have your furnace repaired fast and affordably? Don’t put up with chilly nights. It takes expertise to quickly identify issues with furnaces. Our experts can do that.

If your furnace is exhibiting the following signs, then it is time to call TCR HVAC SA.

  • Short cycling happens when the furnace turns on and then shuts down after running for less than three minutes. A poorly functioning thermostat or heat exchanger could be the probable cause.
  • Uneven flames indicate dirty burners. Regular and even flames suggest an optimally performing furnace. Flames that are leaning toward the back of the furnace are a source of concern as they may be caused by a cracked heat exchanger. Such a scenario may result in carbon monoxide poisoning in the premises.
  • Strange noises are another cause for concern and demand an immediate investigation by expert furnace technicians.

We help our clients obtain the maximum energy efficiency from their furnaces to benefit the environment and monthly power bills. We install programmable thermostats. We check the air ducts to ensure their proper working condition. Our technicians do what’s necessary to improve the insulation on your property.

During our regular furnace maintenance work, we change the air filters. We share tips with you about how to lower power bills. It is possible to bring down heating costs through the simple expedient of letting sunlight pour in during the daytime.

We repair boiler systems, crucial for providing heat in winters and hot water all-year round. Steam boilers are an efficient tool for heating large spaces. These boilers improve the insulation of homes and commercial spaces. TCR Furnace Repair can ensure the optimum working of these boilers so that heating costs can be kept low.

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Boilers that are taking longer than usual to heat are emitting an odor, or strange noises may need repairs. Frozen condensate pipes, pilot lights not working, and leakages are other signs that point toward repairs.

If a furnace has to be replaced, we will do it even in the middle of winter. New furnaces are equipped with features for efficient heating and are often a better alternative to continuous maintenance that can drain finances.

Our business meets the licensing and insurance requirements mandated by the state. If there are rebates to be had on energy-efficient equipment, we will help your business save money through it. Ask for references, and we will gladly provide you with these. Our customers have always had a good word for us.

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